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The most comprehensive solution for video analytics

With just one line of Javascript, you will learn more about your users and your videos than you ever believed possible.

Ever wanted to peek inside the heads of your video viewers? Now, you can

Content creators must have a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t, what drives video engagement and what fails. Yet, until now, there was no tool that actually measured user attention itself during video viewing. Without understanding this core metric, it was impossible to act according to attention shifts.

Clickspree does what – until now – was impossible. It seamlessly measures and recognizes attention highs and lows in every single video.

In our connected world, attention is our scarcest resource

Video publishers live and die by their ability to captivate their audiences. Creating content that draws people in and holds their interest is paramount to their success. Indeed, in the battle for attention, content is truly king.

Learn when & why users lose interest

See when viewers’ minds start wandering and when they stop watching

Use predictive analytics to optimize future videos

Clickspree’s algorithms can identify trouble spots in videos even before they’ve been published

Optimize user experience

Use cohort analysis to target particular pieces of content to specific sub-audiences

Because buffering and latency reports don’t tell the whole story

Sitting at the intersection of three distinct disciplines – computer vision, behavioral science and machine learning – Clickspree’s product enables publishers to, in effect, get inside the heads of their audience members. This information is delivered in the form of actionable data that empowers publishers / content creators to maximize audience attention.

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Clickspree Key Advantages

You’re in the business of increasing viewership and building loyalty. Wouldn’t you rather know which of your videos your audience responds to most favorably?



ClickSpree shows you in real time how people respond to your video content. Which videos they actually watch and which they ignore


Integrate ClickSpree in a matter of seconds without any need for IT intervention


Be the beneficiary of years of development in applied neuroscience and machine learning and gain insights into exactly what resonates with whom and where


Maximizing session time correlates directly to increased revenue per user and ultimately offers the greatest revenue capture opportunity

Better video experience = Longer session depth = Increased yield & revenue

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